About Us

Leveraging 30+ Years of Diverse Market Research Experience

  • 15+ years doing market research in support of management consulting engagements
  • 15+ years as a top-tier research supplier
  • Equal exposure to both B2B and B2C marketing challenges
  • Extensive international experience

Full-Service through a Global Network of over 100 Partners

  • Offering a full array of both qualitative and quantitative research services
  • Happy to provide services a la carte (e.g., qual. recruiting only, data collection only) or turn-key projects
  • Willing to work completely behind the scenes or as a fully visible partner
  • Vendor agnostic means the best solutions available for each client

Super Low Overhead Means Lower Prices

  • Clients pay only for what they need
  • No shareholders to satisfy
  • Big supplier services at small supplier prices
  • No project too big or too small

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